it’s only going to be as easy

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I always love adding more events – so if you ever have anything you want sent out, send me a link!  


In Downtown News: 

AIA is starting construction on their Downtown headquarters this week

Portraits of Raleigh comes back December 3rd

Hibernian crowned best Irish pub in NC

More on Green Square 


In Raleigh/Triangle News: 

80 students were cited at a DKE party at Wake

Lots of excitement for this weekend’s rivalry game

Cameron Village is hosting an Open House Thursday 


In Other News: 

The top words of 2010

Bill Clinton might be in Hangover 2?

Prince William is engaged

US hunger is still at a 15 year high

Facebook thinks email is on the way out 



The Weepies are at Lincoln Tuesday

Open Mic Night at Amplified Art on Wednesday

Inaugural Dinner Event at Jibarra on Wednesday

Bell’s Two Hearted Firkin Keg Tapping at Woody’s Wednesday

Wine to Water Benefit at Vintage on Thursday

The Connells on Thursday at Lincoln

Shred-a-thon at RBC Plaza on Friday

Raleigh Christmas Parade is on Saturday morning!

A City Market Christmas on Saturday afternoon

designers downtown market is back on Saturday

Amplified Art gallery reception feat. James Flames Saturday – music, beer & wine!

Soapstar Spectacular at Memorial Auditorium on Sunday 


Fun Stuff: 

New look of the double decker bus

New York City time lapse

14 of the world’s weirdest towers

What a difference a mustache can make

20 obsolete english words that should make a comeback 


Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse: 

She tried to cut her tattooed name off her boyfriend’s neck 



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