time is so unkind

and life is so cruel without you here beside me … a Weezer cover of Toni Braxton …  


Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight at Solas for the Jingle Ball Charity Night!!  


In Downtown News: 

Lots of street closures this weekend

Couture for a Cause is bringing lots of local designers together

A pic of the progress at CAM

Have you been on a Downtown carriage tour? 


In Raleigh/Triangle News: 

Students are protesting the free expression tunnel

Charlotte firm buys 85% of Capital Bank

Raleigh man is suing mortgage company over eviction

Extreme budget cuts would potentially lead to closing a UNC system campus 


In Other News: 

Nissan profit quadruples

So the 2012 race for the White House begins now?

Your chickfila holiday milkshake is back

Five ways your cell phone can save you

96% of Americans have never ‘checked in’ 



Jingle Ball Charity Night at Solas on Thursday

Friend or Faux party at Still Life on Thursday

It’s FIRST FRIDAY this week!

Dapper is having a Grand Opening Party on Friday

Couture for a Cause is Friday at Marbles

Veteran’s Day Parade is Saturday

City of Oaks Marathon is Sunday  


Fun Stuff: 

How not to get eaten by a grizzly bear

Zippo has fragrances (thanks Ashton)

This goose is crazy

This bandaid changes colors when there’s an infection

The ugliest woman in the world is crowned


Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse: 

TSA Officer fired for ‘white powder prank’ 



Tim Steele Lehan, Broker 

Glenwood Agency, LLC


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