their eyes cast down

i’ll keep my eyes fixed on the sun


Turns out my deicing was not the most creative of the yesterday – I’ll be trying out your solutions of cds/covers, salt, hammer, salt shaker, text books, etc. etc. next time …  


In Downtown News: 

Crema is now open in City Plaza

Some great family events coming up at Marbles this month 


In Raleigh/Triangle News: 

Eric Staal and Cam Ward were named to the All-Star team

Tourism numbers are up for Raleigh

NCT is putting on the Producers in February

Panthers have a new coach 


In Other News: 

iPhone comes to Verizon in February

Remember MySpace?

These baristas are way past hairnets

Vail Ski Academy is the only public winter sports school in US 



Tir na nOg is having their Midweek Feast tonight – Shrimp, lamb, oyster, sweet potato, etc. sliders – should be awesome!


Celebrate Hope in Haiti at Edenton Street Methodist on Wednesday

Blue starts at Burning Coal on Thursday

Orchestra Showcase at Meymandi on Friday and Saturday

Have Sunday brunch plans yet?

Sledding Ramps at the Winterfest Ice Rink on Sunday


Amplified Art has a gallery reception next Saturday (1/15) for Durham artist Chris Williams – 3 local bands and Big Boss will be there – put it on the calendar!  


Fun Stuff: 

This might make you reconsider a flip phone

Sudoku solver

Developments that prove we are living in the future

Sand collection, up close


Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse: 

This woman found the world’s first orange alligator 



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