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my hands, they’re strong

Friday, October 28th, 2011

but my knees were far too weak




So I didn’t actually wear my costume to work today, but I may be wearing it for the next three days. So excited and ready for Halloween!!


And have I told yall about CARNEVIL AT SPY tomorrow night?  Ha.


Hope to see you there!!




Around Downtown News:


Meeker prepares to relinquish the reins (thanks Cabell)

Natural Science Museum goes 3-D with the new theater

The People’s Pharmacy on NPR is coming to Cameron Village

Ice skating and Winterfest is coming back to Downtown (thanks Cabell)

Have you been over to Vestique yet? (thanks Erin)

I’m ready for this Chick-fil-A

Love these October shots of Downtown



In Raleigh/Triangle News:


The Rialto is doing a special screening of Urbanized on Nov 7th (thanks Mitch)

UNC is in NCAA hearing today

Iron Man 3 is going to be filmed in North Carolina (thanks Antoine)

Mandolin is bringing contemporary southern cuisine to Hayes Barton next month (thanks Donna)

NCMA opens Rembrandt show with free admission



In Other News:


Redbox pricing is about to go up

These dead people make a lot more money than you

Coke cans are changing color to protect the polar bears

NBA negotiations are taking baby steps

Goth teens are aging into Goth adults





Roarin’ 20’s Party at Spy on Friday

IHF Death Crawl is Friday

Dapper Halloween Costume Party on Friday

Lunch Forum: The Cary Depot, the First Multi-Modal Facility in NC on Saturday



$2000+ in Downtown Door Prizes – Costume Contests – Blood Orange Drink Specials

Fire Throwers – Great Music – Tickets are only $15 and available at


November is ‘Movember’ month – Donate/Join the LiveWorkPlay and RDU Team (thanks Erin)

‘Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo’s, these men raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.’



Fun Stuff:


Edible spray paint could come in handy

Horror movies and the true stories they’re based on

An explanation for daylight savings time

How to break down a door

Alien-looking life forms



and so lying underneath those stormy skies

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

she’d say, ‘oh, ohohohoh I know the sun must set to rise’




We’re spending this week gearing up for Carnevil at Spy this Saturday night. Get your costumes together and join us!




Around Downtown News:


Ale House plans are still moving forward (thanks Antoine)

Part of the Edison plan switches to apartment and retail

Glenwood South’s Hampton Inn groundbreaking was today – so exciting!

St. Augustine’s debuts their new football field

How can we raise the bar in Downtown Raleigh?

Videri Chocolate Factory is coming soon



In Raleigh/Triangle News:


Our drivers are still overwhelmed by roundabouts

What’s going on with rail in Durham?

Mia Francesca is now open in North Hills and the menu looks awesome

Love/Hate social media for business? Win money for your video (thanks Jeff)

It’s oyster season and things are looking good for NC!



In Other News:


A guide to the updated mortgage refi program (thanks Cabell)

Is the $1 bill on the way out?

Tips for booking Thanksgiving flights

The poverty surge in the suburb is changing the identity

Netflix lost 800000 members with their new plan





Life Drawing at Artspace tonight

NC Theatre’s Evita is running this week

Tomorrow is the last Downtown Farmer’s Market of the season

Homebrewing Made Easy tomorrow at BrewMasters

Lady’s Night at Logan Trading Co. on Thursday

Another great Music in the Market with New Sweat on Thursday

MAD about Saving Lives: PAWS Young Professional Cocktail Party on Thursday

Barbecue Heritage Dinner at the Pit on Thursday

Zombie WALK and Dance Party at Rum Runners on Thursday

Roarin’ 20’s Party at Spy on Friday

Lunch Forum: The Cary Depot, the First Multi-Modal Facility in NC on Saturday



$2000+ in Downtown Door Prizes – Costume Contests – Blood Orange Drink Specials

Fire Throwers – Great Music – Tickets are only $15 and available at



Fun Stuff:


The most stolen food in the world is pretty random

Lucky charms sifter

Creepy urban legends that happen to be true

Heroin for sale is not a sign you put in the yard

Wacky water towers



cause i can see through you

Friday, October 21st, 2011

and i don’t get it



Between Food Trucks, Band Together and City Market, I’d say last night was pretty amazing in Downtown …


Here’s to the weekend being the same!!




Around Downtown News:


Two new shows at VAE

New apartment construction is set to break ground next week (thanks Cabell)

Occupy Raleigh protesters gathered at the Capitol

Yeah, I’m excited about the Christmas Parade already

Pictures from Food Truck King last night



In Raleigh/Triangle News:


Good suggestion for what a 14 team ACC tournament would look like

Fair attendance slightly down this year

White Street Brewing Co. coming to Wake Forest



In Other News:


‘The housing market is rebounding – at least one piece of it’ (thanks Antoine)

NBA team renamed Brooklyn Nets

Man lives off roadkill for 30 years … (thanks Regina)

Married 72 years, they die hand in hand

Why computer voices are mainly female





Couture for a Cause at Marbles on Friday

Live Acoustic Music at the Mint on Friday

Day of the Dead 5K Race is Saturday Morning

Get Heeled 5K Run & Family Walk is Saturday Morning

Epic Battle of the Bands on Saturday at Isaac Hunter’s

Vince Neil of Motley Crew is at Bud Light City Fest on Saturday

NC Theatre’s Evita runs this weekend



Fun Stuff:


These are the scariest places in America

Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses

The most wildly irresponsible vintage toys

How to quit mindlessly surfing the internet

You can fry an egg in a waffle iron

5 active TV shows that could be great movies

your train of thought will be altered

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

so if you must falter be wise … (because I saw it on Pop Up Video late last night …)



Let’s talk about your Halloween weekend plans – LiveWorkPlay’s CARNEVIL will be taking place at SPY RALEIGH next Saturday night (10/29) starting at 9:00.


Tickets are $15 and are being sold all over town: Spy, Glenwood Agency, Raleigh Forum and online at


We’re in the process of putting together some pretty great stuff for this event like $1000+ in door prizes, costume contests for tons of categories, Blood Orange infused drinks specials, fire throwers and some awesome surprises that you won’t want to miss!


Sounds like it’s time to get those costumes together because Downtown will be talking about this on Sunday …



Around Downtown News:


In case you missed that great Eschelon article from the weekend

DLA gives us a round up on all the new apartments being built – invite 1354 of your friends to come live down here soon!!

Food Trucks are coming to City Plaza on Thursday! and more info here

‘I just don’t get it why so many people believe the universe revolves around Downtown’ – DTR arena? (thanks Cabell)

Panel backs project on Oberlin



In Raleigh/Triangle News:


Triangle home sales rise 11% in September

Colin Firth will be shooting a movie around town (thanks Charlie)

Chapel Hill is getting a little closer to food trucks in the town

Krispy Kreme is adding 35 locations in the UK

GoLive to provide real-time updates on regional busses (thanks Cabell)

NCSU is selling bball tickets at half price on Groupon



In Other News:


The cost of alcohol consumption on society

Should you eat oysters raw?

25 secret features to the new iOS5

Annoying meeting personalities

Porn hackers hit Sesame Street YouTube – brought to you by the letter X …





Lunch Forum on Transit-Oriented Design Today at UDC

Spy Winesday Tasting tonight

Music in the Market featuring Soul Psychedelique after work tomorrowweather was PERFECT last week!

Food Truck King in City Plaza tomorrow night

Couture for a Cause at Marbles on Friday

Live Acoustic Music at the Mint on Friday

Day of the Dead 5K Race is Saturday Morning

Get Heeled 5K Run & Family Walk is Saturday Morning

Epic Battle of the Bands on Saturday at Isaac Hunter’s

Vince Neil of Motley Crew is at Bud Light City Fest on Saturday

NC Theatre’s Evita runs this weekend



Fun Stuff:


Cheap tricks for your Halloween costumes

I think vertical chess is kind of cool

Las Vegas 1962

Non-traditional wedding cakes for the creative couple

Graphing manliness

Some great business cards

Some wild boats – one of them is a hot dog …

i’m a boomerang – doesn’t matter how you throw me

Friday, October 14th, 2011

i turn around and i’m back in the game



I missed you while I was out of town, but I have to give a big thanks to Ashton for filling in from Italy with a post last week. It didn’t go out over the email, so I included it below – DOUBLE EMAIL TODAY!!


It did post to and went out over facebook. You can always ‘like’ Glenwood Agency on Facebook if you want to make sure you don’t miss out next time 🙂




Around Downtown News:


Sisters at Hamlin Drugs named 2011 Movers and Shakers

New restaurant for Jason Smith?

A look at the Wells Fargo installation

Burlesque-inspired Grace is coming soon to Glenwood

Turn empty storefronts into ‘Windows of Opportunity’



In Raleigh/Triangle News:


‘if you’re really living on the edge try an item off the ‘Burgushi’ menu’

Obama is going to the UNC carrier game

The story of North Carolina

State Fair is open and has new thrill rides!

If you lost something at RDU, you can buy it back



In Other News:


Looks like 2 and a half men needed Charlie Sheen

Auto retail sales grew strongly last month

Tailgating by boat is why I always loved UW

They had to call 911 because they were lost in the corn maze





North Street After Dark is at Joel Lane’s Tonight

Should be a great night for Music on the Porch

Buku has their Friday Night Flights tonight

Carolina Ballet is doing Dracula

Napper Tandy’s has Flashback Friday going on

ARTStober is all day tomorrow at Progress Energy Plaza

nOg Run Club Scavenger Hunt is tomorrow afternoon

Rendezvous at 7 hosted by The Scott Free Foundation

Drag Brunch at the Mint on Sunday

5K Bug Stomp (Run/Walk) is on Sundayonline registration ended yesterday, but it’s not too late to join in the fun! Shoot me an email ASAP for info!



Fun Stuff:


World’s largest nachos anyone?

The loneliest animal on the planet

10 great fall date ideas

Fear Factory candid photo stream

You can learn to speak zombie

I love this music typewriter

This note would definitely be seen around here





And last week’s post:



If I was an old-school fifty pound boombox
Would you hold me on your shoulder, wherever you walk?


Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy everyone! Tim is out of town and so he’s letting me do the email for a day all the way from Sardinia! Whoop!


First things first, and I know you missed me at this time of year, but have you voted yet?? I mean, I have. From Italy. And if I can do it – you can do it. Don’t want to stand in line? Vote early. Really don’t want to stand in line – vote absentee. Whatever you do, figure out your districts, your candidates, and your issues – and vote.



Around Downtown News:


More fancy cocktails and Indian food for Downtown

What the Wachovia building looks like now

Renderings and site plans for new Glenwood South apartments

Calvera brings new Mexican to Blount Street

New Pizza on Oberlin, new chocolate Downtown, and a locopops renovation

The Justice Center is way under budget

Retail is moving to Hillsborough Street

Mayor Meeker endorsed Nancy McFarlane for mayor

Downtown Streets are closed for repair



Triangle-type News:


The State Fair is commming

That American Idol kid is going to sing at the World Series



In Other News:


Apple wants your money again

I’m sorry for him, but I do get some solace knowing that the Dali Lama has trouble getting a visa too

They closed down a giant atom smasher

They’re bringing a 340 ton rock into LA. Do with that what you will….

Paris is trying out public car sharing

They’re letting Amanda Knox go





DLA Mixer at Babylon Wednesday

Peter Lamb and the Wolves are at Humble Pie Wednesday

It’s First Friday!!

Rebus Market is open on Saturday

LEGO Kids Fest is this weekend

Down By The Tracks for the SPCA is Sunday

NC Symphony Pub Series at Buku on Monday


Election Night party October 11

Urbanized is coming to Raleigh November 7th



Fun Stuff:


Bing has produced airport maps of 42 different airports

7 Harry Potter movies retold in 1 minute, by a cat.

Ever wonder how the internet connects us?

This program knows when you’re going to jaywalk

2.5 ton Manhattan made of marble

Use this giant cursor to prevent finger prints on your touch screens

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