i went up to the window

lightning banging on the cymbals




Veterans Day celebrations are taking place all over NC today!  Take part to honor all of these incredible Americans!!



There’s also a little basketball game tonight honoring our Veterans that no matter what team you support it should be VERY cool … (thanks Dan)




Around Downtown News:


The Indy’s look at Battistella’s in City Market

Cleanup moves forward in cemeteries from April’s tornado

Lots of shots from the filming that took place Downtown on Wednesday

Streets are blocked for the parade this morning



In Raleigh/Triangle News:


Raleigh is one of the best places for retired military

Durham passed their transit tax. Can we be next?

Fayetteville wants you to ‘tweet-up’ for the troops today

Nancy McFarlane meets with NYC Mayor Bloomberg



In Other News:


No candidates on the ballot in this Bladen County election

More often these days, you have to renovate to sell a home (thanks Bryan)

Don’t know why people want to take salt out of my diet

Steve Jobs hated Adobe Flash. And not just a little bit.

NBA makes a final proposal

Older siblings have higher IQs – Look who has science on his side, B and C …





Veterans Day Parade and Ceremony starts at 9:15 on Friday

Live Music at the Mint on Friday

Handmade Market is a great place to start holiday shopping on Saturday

NC Beer & Band Festival at Lincoln Theatre on Saturday

Indy Music Rock Out Concert Night at Union on Saturday


The Habitat for Humanity Home Tour is Nov 20th!includes a tour of homes that were built by Habitat of Wake County and then a cocktail party afterwards. It is a fun festive way to start the holiday season! (thanks Ann)



Fun Stuff:


Great examples of Thanksgiving food art

Crazy coin stacking

How not to run from police

Very cool train tunnel in the UK

What you text v. what I see

What if you could actually ride a cloud?



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