i saw the lights go down at the end of the scene

i saw the lights go down and they’re standing in front of me




Around Downtown News:


A new bar for Glenwood South and revitalization plans for North Blount

TTA makes travel from RDU pretty easy

Amra’s is offering free food for last minute holiday parties

Could Peace Street have a new park too?



In Raleigh/Triangle News:


NC is a hotbed for American Idols

Duke-Progress merger denied again

Algebra and Geometry are having major changes in schools



In Other News:


These are the 25 most social airports

TIME named their person of the year

Tips for growing a brand

Facebook is bringing back the past with new design

Doctors are using more and more electronics

No charges from the basketball brawl





Raleigh’s 5th Annual Downtown Santa Ball is at the Union on Thursday

Connect Raleigh Christmas Cocktail is at Cardinal Club on Thursday night

Carolina Ballet’s Nutcracker is back this weekend

Straight No Chaser is performing at Memorial on Friday

Spy Raleigh has Mixology classes on Saturday

The Downtown Sports Bar is doing a customer appreciation party on Sunday

Burning Coal is doing HENRY the V on Trapeze

It’s Sledding Sunday at the Winterfest



Fun Stuff:


I gave my kids a terrible Christmas present

Daytime fireworks show

Best guerrilla marketing campaigns of all-time

Can a house be over decorated?

Great geeky gingerbread people and homes

Horrifyingly wasteful film shoots



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