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no amount of whiskey

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

no amount of wine




We lost an incredible friend and adopted member of our Raleigh family this weekend. We all loved her local Food Stalking and following her Peace Corps adventures over at ‘Oh by the ‘Guay’!! She was always so excited to have her posts included in the blog 🙂


A beautiful person, an amazing spirit, a true friend, and a laugh that never be replaced.


All of our love.




Around Downtown News:


Occupy Raleigh gets a new camp on West Street

The state Christmas tree went up yesterday

The Diner closed last week, but Mandolin opened on Fairview   ( review )

I didn’t realize we prohibited costumed characters near streets

The Capitol will have a holiday open house

Another apartment building is planned for Glenwood South



In Raleigh/Triangle News:


New York Times is watching Raleigh elections

Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming to RBC

Hurricanes got rid of their coach

We should appreciate what we have now in the ACC



In Other News:


This Cyber Monday looks to be a success

Spiderman has been playing secret high stakes poker

American Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection

Catholic churches are bringing back the original Latin for Mass





Tonight is Pint Night at Tir na nOg

A Christmas Story – the Musical is running now

Movember Gala: Team RDU is at Gravy on Wednesday

Spy is doing 80’s Night on Thursday

Trivia at Napper Tandy’s on Thursday

Joel Lane’s Public House is doing Penny PBR Weekends

City Market Pig Wars is on Friday Night

Mahler’s Fourth Symphony by NCS is on Friday Night

A Dapper Style House Presentation on Friday

Mayor’s Unity Day Celebration is on Saturday morning

Joel Lane House Colonial Christmas Open House on Saturday

Winterfest Kickoff is on Saturday



Fun Stuff:


Ticket stub diary

Handmade Portraits: the Sword Maker

How to outsmart a traffic jam

A 33-Foot tall Christmas tree made of LEGOs in London

How to actually roast chestnuts over an open fire

12 days of Christmas list now costs over $100k

Some amazing rock formations from around the world

i balance on a rock to see

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

musing little fishies under the water




Anyone else go see Urbanized last night at Rialto?


Makes me want to build a city this morning!




Around Downtown News:


Colin Firth and Emily Blunt will be filming in City Plaza tomorrow (thanks Charlie)

London Bridge Pub opens on Hargett Street

A newsstand coming to Hargett Street too

The car sharing program is facing challenges

Fall shots from RaleighSkyline

A hidden gem in Downtown Raleigh: the Roast Grill

If you volunteer for Winterfest they’ll let you skate for free



In Raleigh/Triangle News:


Wake voters to settle school board run off

NC has ninth highest unemployment rate

Wake early voting nearly doubles early turnout in 2009

Target is closing it’s North Raleigh store

Wake panhandlers must now obtain permit

Libyan Prime Minister is former NC State Student



In Other News:


Want to know what your home will look like in 2015?

Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Stars

Joe Frazier dies after cancer fight

A giant asteroid to pass close to Earth today

Doc says you can turn your brown eyes blue

The average American has two true friends





Traditional Painters Forum at VAE tonight

Wine Tasting at Joel’s Lanes tonight

Linked In Live at Spy Raleigh tonight

cut.cocktails.couture.cupcakes at Dapper on Thursday

Holiday Open House at Logan Trading Co. on Thursday

Veterans Day Parade and Ceremony starts at 9:15 on Friday

Live Music at the Mint on Friday

Handmade Market is a great place to start holiday shopping on Saturday

NC Beer & Band Festival at Lincoln Theatre on Saturday

Indy Music Rock Out Concert Night at Union on Saturday


The Habitat for Humanity Home Tour is Nov 20th!includes a tour of homes that were built by Habitat of Wake County and then a cocktail party afterwards. It is a fun festive way to start the holiday season! (thanks Ann)



Fun Stuff:


How the post office determines what your letter says

I do like ketchup, but …

Siri v. Furby

How to take a baby camping

Tiger Rug made of 500,000 cigarettes

The twisted history of Twister



If I was an old-school fifty pound boombox

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Would you hold me on your shoulder, wherever you walk?

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy everyone!  Tim is out of town and so he’s letting me do the email for a day all the way from Sardinia!  Whoop!

First things first, and I know you missed me at this time of year, but have you voted yet??  I mean, I have.  From Italy.  And if I can do it – you can do it.  Don’t want to stand in line?  Vote early.  Really don’t want to stand in line – vote absentee.  Whatever you do, figure out your districts, your candidates, and your issues – and vote.

Around Downtown News:
More fancy cocktails and Indian food for Downtown
What the Wachovia building looks like now
Renderings and site plans for new Glenwood South apartments
Calvera brings new Mexican to Blount Street
New Pizza on Oberlin, new chocolate Downtown, and a locopops renovation
The Justice Center is way under budget
Retail is moving to Hillsborough Street
Mayor Meeker endorsed Nancy McFarlane for mayor
Downtown Streets are closed for repair

Triangle-type News:
The State Fair is commming
That American Idol kid is going to sing at the World Series

In Other News:
Apple wants your money again
I’m sorry for him, but I do get some solace knowing that the Dali Lama has trouble getting a visa too
They closed down a giant atom smasher
They’re bringing a 340 ton rock into LA. Do with that what you will….
Paris is trying out public car sharing
They’re letting Amanda Knox go

DLA Mixer at Babylon Wednesday
Peter Lamb and the Wolves are at Humble Pie Wednesday
It’s First Friday!!
Rebus Market is open on Saturday
LEGO Kids Fest is this weekend
Down By The Tracks for the SPCA is Sunday
NC Symphony Pub Series at Buku on Monday

Election Night party October 11
Urbanized is coming to Raleigh November 7th

Fun Stuff:
Bing has produced airport maps of 42 different airports
7 Harry Potter movies retold in 1 minute, by a cat.
Ever wonder how the internet connects us?
This program knows when you’re going to jaywalk
2.5 ton Manhattan made of marble
Use this giant cursor to prevent finger prints on your touch screens

i am the driver at the wheel of order

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

marching circles at the gate




We’re recovering from Hopscotch and have SparkCon on the horizon. Not a bad time around here!




Around Downtown News:


Want more music? Mosaic Fall Music Fest starts on Thursday

Ashley Christensen’s Chuck’s opened up last Friday – and it’s awesome …

High Speed Rail adds NC5 alternative

Carlee Mallard won free gas for Raleigh last week



In Raleigh/Triangle News:


Accident numbers at the Hillsborough Roundabout is higher than expected

Duke, UNC, NCSU rank high on US News college list

North Hills is getting a new bookstore

Time to start thinking about the fair

Another craft beer store coming to town


** Sign up for the 5K Bug Stomp Run/Walk today!! (thanks Lyndsay)



In Other News:


AOL, Yahoo to merge?

US Poverty rate swells to nearly 1 in 6

Amazon is considering a Netflix-like book service

Angola won the Miss Universe crown

New hope for an earth-like planet





Dollar pizza slices tonight at Downtown Sports Bar

Mix Networking Group is at Solas on Wednesday after work

SparkCon starts on Thursday and runs through the weekend

Learn more about 18th century cemetery practices at Joel Lane House on Thursday

Triangle Fashion Week starts Friday

BugFest is at the Natural Sciences Museum on Saturday

Bud Light City Fest featuring Better than Ezra is Saturday Night

La Fiesta del Pueblo at Moore Square on Sunday afternoon


** Break out the leg warmers and headbands – 0.5k and pub crawl on Saturday (thanks Andy)



Fun Stuff:


10 toys the failed

Apple wants its lost iPhone back

5 minute shower timer

Top 10 extreme adventures

WWII fitness test. How do you stack up?

Weirdest world championships


i feel lucky

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

like a four leaf clover … (thanks Ashton)



In Downtown News: 

Durham is going to get the Pit too

City Museum is doing a Fayetteville Street Walking Tour for Kids

The evolution of retail space in Downtown


In Raleigh/Triangle News: 

Scotty took the Idol title last night

Lowe’s starts its rebuild on the Sanford store

Raleigh may give loans to tornado victims


In Other News:   

You need sleep to stay thin

10 business emails you shouldn’t send

New mileage stickers include greenhouse gas data



Kinder Soles Event at Tir na nOg on Thursday

Candlelight Yoga and Chocolate at Blue Lotus on Friday

Carolina Music Awards Nominee Party at Pour House on Friday

Saturday Market at Rebus for local food and goods

Wreath laying at Veteran’s Memorial on Monday


Rise up Raleigh Benefit Concert is June 3rd at the Amphitheater

2nd Annual Capital Cornhole Classic is June 4th!! 


Fun Stuff:  

How to get your face on a postage stamp

Reimagining the Big Mac combo

Edible VW magazine ad?

Craziest secret service overreactions


Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse: 

Don’t pocket dial 911 



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