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10 digit dialing is coming to the Triangle

SEP 25, 2011

WRAL is reporting what we've known was comping for years, 10 digit dialing.  While most major cities have been facing this for years, we've managed to stave off the shift for a while.  But, it looks like Raleigh will finally be joining the ranks around the world of 10 digit dialers.  WRAL reports:

"Local phone calls in the Triangle will require that callers dial an area code effective March 31, 2012, the North Carolina Utilities Commission announced Wednesday.

Callers can use 10-digit dialing as soon as Oct. 1, but all calls will require 10 digits after March 31, 2012. 

The growing population in central North Carolina and the addition of devices that require a phone number like cellphones, fax machines and dial-up internet connections is exhausting the available pool of numbers within the 919 area code.

Beginning in April 2012, new phone numbers will bear the area code 984."

See the map and read the rest at WRAL.

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