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Chime in on the new options in Downtown Light Rail

JUL 20, 2011

We’ve got some new Light Rail alternatives proposed, and it’s almost time to make a decision on them. 

“It has been a couple of months now and decision time is coming up. The city, Triangle Transit and the PRTF all have opinions on this and the city council will narrow things down to a final winner with their approval. So far, of the four plans that moved forward earlier this year, we seem to have support behind just two plans. The alternative called “D6″ looks tempting because it involves no elevated flyovers, a stop for the government district a short walk away and is projected to be the cheapest alternative. The second alternative with some backing is the PRTF recommended “D6A”, called that because it is a hybrid of two routes. Let’s add D6A to the map of alternatives.”

Read more over at The Raleigh Connoisseur

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