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Chuck's is now open!

SEP 14, 2011

These days it seems like Ashley Christensen has a Midas touch - everything she touches turns (after an incredible amount of hard work) to delicious, mouth watering, gastronomically divine, gold.  And her newest venture, Chuck's (open next to Beasley's) is now open.

From Tyler's Tap:

"The menu is comprised of 8 mouth-watering burgers, all carefully concocted with fresh toppings such as hazlenut-vinagarettle kale, bacon-onion jam, roasted beets and "tortilla dust."  Complimenting the %100 chuck mainstays are half-pound Belgian fries with your choice of sauce, shakes, floats, beer, wine and bubbles.

For a gourmet burger, fries and a beer expect to pay between $15-18.  While it was a little heavier on the wallet then I would've liked, Chuck's is definitely worth the experience.

Congratulations to Ashley and her staff for coming out on top of Hopscotch weekend!"

We'll second that congrats!  In the mean time, you can find us waiting for our burger.

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