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Development Plans for the New Bern Avenue Corridor

JUL 27, 2011

The City of Raleigh is talking about many exciting new ideas for one of the major pathways into Downtown Raleigh, New Bern Avenue. 

“As the city moves toward a makeover of New Bern Avenue, planners are eyeing possibilities to create a "spectacular and innovative gateway" they describe as a model for urban street design.

There's talk of a 60-foot "super transit strip" with a sidewalk, bike path and gravel jogging path on the south side of the corridor.

Streams concealed in pipes could be exposed to serve as a natural feature winding through the area.

Neighbors dream of seeing the Longview Shopping Center, once home to a Winn-Dixie, redeveloped as a walkable urban village with a farmers' market.”



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