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Does that Craigslist property look too good to be true?

AUG 23, 2011

Well you know the old saying, it probably is.  Echoing a rising phenomenon we've also seen in the last few years, WRAL interviews fellow real estate agent and friend Sharon Evans about the increasing frequency of fraudulent advertising on Craigslist. 

"They would scrape those (house) pictures and then put it up for rent for half of what it normally would rent if it were actually for rent," Evans said...“Someone who quickly corresponds with you through email and doesn’t let you see (the house) and asks low dollars is not going to be legit,” said Evans, who is a real estate agent. 

FBI officials, who have been monitoring these cases around the country, say they think some of the fake ads are coming out of Nigeria. In Raleigh, the police department has seen several cases in the past few months."

Read the rest of the story on WRAL to find out more and how to protect yourself from scammers. In our experience, often the picture show things like two kitchens that don't match, or two living room photos that are totally different.  Pay attention, and remember, it is always okay to ask your trusted real estate agent for advice.


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