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Food Trucks get an OK for Downtown Raleigh

SEP 6, 2011

Bob Geary over at the Indy Weekly put together a great summary of the new food truck law and it's restrictions.  If you haven't seen it, or are still confused by what you've seen, take a look at this article.

"The City Council voted 6-2 this afternoon in favor of TC-5-11, an ordinance allowing food trucks to operate in a very limited number of places under a very restrictive permitting regime. Still, it's a beginning for the upstart vehicular food emporia, and it only took how many months of squabbling....On the other side, Councilor Mary-Ann Baldwin, who chairs the Law & Public Safety Committee, worked for a year to fashion a compromise that the restauranteurs didn't hate and the food-truck operators could live with. In the end, she couldn't quite manage to satisfy either, but she did manage to get a version of the ordinance out of her committee even though Odom and Eugene Weeks, the other two members of her committee, both opposed it. For that, food-truck proponents gave her the credit..."

Read the rest and the specifics at!

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