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Food trucks out of Raleigh for good?

SEP 2, 2011

The newest, and in our opinion, sadest news for Food Trucks is here, thanks to our friends at

"The saga that has lasted for over a year continues to get worse and the City of Raleigh seems completely set on doing everything it can to make sure that food trucks operate nowhere near where civilization gathers on a regular basis.

The latest drama comes as the Food Trucks agenda went to the Law and Safety Committee on Tuesday, August 30th. The meeting was a heated debate between Council Members Mary Ann Baldwin, who tried to find a few compromises in the new guidelines, and John Odom and Eugene Weeks, who both fiercely opposed any form of compromise on the issue. Before the meeting, the new agenda was released (see it here - automatic download of PDF) with new regulations on food trucks, many of which added more limitations to the previous rules set forth in the earlier City Council meetings."

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