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Furbish Studio will bring fashionable, fun, exciting interior design to Downtown Raleigh!

JUL 25, 2011

From the Furbish blog (scoop through one of our great Twitter friends, @KarlieJ) we've learned about some more development in the Warehouse District!

“we have rented a tremendous old industrial warehouse in downtown raleigh…in the fall, we're moving into 3500 square feet of concrete floors, brick walls, wooden beamed ceilings and turn of the century windows…we hope this flagship store becomes a mecca for design lovers and trend setters all over the country

we're going to have art installations, inspiration boards bigger than a whale, pink sofas, glitter on the floor (literally! ke$ha - do you really have glitter on your floor?), crazy wallpaper you've only dreamed about, awe-inspiring vignettes, walls and walls of custom pillows, artwork that might complete you, so much more loved up vintage furniture, lucite goodness, golden nuggets hanging from the ceiling, lacquer, chrome, bamboo, spots and flecks and stripes and velvet sofas.  there will be more jewelry, we're adding a carefully edited selection of clothing, a pink silk dressing room, whole walls of designer fabric, new lighting must-have accessories for your home and yummy old rugs.  plus we'll be able to most more events, classes and general get togethers where we could just waller in piles of pillows.”

Read more, and check out her fantastic site here

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