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Hand-crafted cocktails coming to Glenwood South

AUG 25, 2011

There are plenty of folks who think Raleigh has a fantastic pub scene but is lacking in great cocktail bars.  Well, those people can rest a bit easier now as Glenwood South will be stepping on to the scene with a dedicated cocktail bar this Fall.

"In October, Matt Bettinger, one of the bartenders behind some of Raleigh's finest handcrafted cocktails at Foundation, will open Coco's in the Glenwood South entertainment district...Coco's will be located on the bottom floor of 407 Glenwood Avenue South in the space previously occupied by Trim Nightclub...Matt will open with a menu of 8 signature cocktails, all built by himself, and 10 classics."

Read the rest at Tyler's Tap!

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