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Have you visited Capital Club 16 yet?

AUG 21, 2011

One of our favorite local food photographers has recently posted some photos from one of our favorite local spots - Capital Club 16.  We could say more, but then, a picture's worth a thousand words...

"Capital Club 16 has just recently celebrated their first year anniversary of being open for business, yet Chef Wolf’s culinary experience goes back much further.  From and early start in North Carolina, a middle, traveling thru Atlanta, Germany, and New York, the Wolf’s decided to live the next chapter moving closer to home in Raleigh, to open Capital Club 16 and to focus on the raising of a family.  It becomes clear, ‘the importance of family’ to the Wolf’s.  For a chef based in New York to leave such a food heavy town and open a restaurant in Raleigh would be like a country musician in Nashville taking his twang to ‘make it’ in Jamaica.  Yet, it only took a few moments speaking with Jake before I realized his success will not be tethered to a specific geographic location."

Take a look at some of these mouth-watering photos and if you haven't already, make your way over to Capital Club 16. 

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