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Hillsborough Street's The Brewery is closing to make way for a new mixed use development

JUL 27, 2011

From our friends over at

"The Brewerrrryyyyyy’s run as the best live music venue in the NCSU area will come to an end on Friday with Embracing Goodbye. The building has been bought, and it, Time Out, Katmandu, and the Farmhouse will all be torn town and replaced with part of the planned Valentine Commons, a mixed-use development. The latest information on the city’ website deals with the zoning change, and it is case Z-012-11 (.pdf). Not many details are included in the document or are anywhere else, but it appears that a building of 3-5 stories in height will go in with street-level retail (rumored to be a Kerr Drugs) with office units above."

Read more on their site.

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