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Made it by Finch's lately?

SEP 23, 2011

These days brunch is as trendy as ever, and whether we like to admit it or not, we're obsessed with it too.  Ask enough people and everyone has their favorite local spot, but one that is occasionally over looked in the eve-increasing selection available in Downtown Raleigh is Finch's. 

"Finch’s Family Restaurant hasn’t changed its appearance much since 1945, when it opened on Peace Street. “Curb Service” remains stenciled in capital black letters on a front window, and the Raleigh institution still has a long covered walkway with diagonal parking spots from the days that it was a drive-in restaurant."

And it certainly is an institution.  Jump on over to the INDY to read the rest, and if you've never made it by - make it a point this week.

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