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Making fresh honey from local bees at Downtown's Market Restaurant

JUL 26, 2011

Mark Petko (one of our favorite local food photographers) has a killer blog filled with great Triangle food scenes.  Today he brought us a bit about Market Restaurant in Downtown and their efforts in beekeeping.  Their mission is to bring you the freshest of the fresh, and what better way to get the freshest honey possible than to harvest it on your roof?  Right, we thought so too.

"Chef Chad and the other’s at Market Restaurant in collaboration with beekeeper Ben “Mr. Buzz” Crawley and with the help of their neighbors Escazu Chocolates are looking to expand their bee hive project in Downtown Raleigh.  Since the recent tornado in Downtown Raleigh demolished one of their two bee hives,  Chad is hoping to add up to 5 more boxes to increase the amount of bees. In keeping with Market Restaurant’s mission of serving whole, all natural, unprocessed foods from local sources, the expansion of their bee hive project will not only provide them (and Escazu) with great product with which to create edible masterpieces but they also plan on participating in educational programs that show the importance of local bee keeping."

Read more, see a delicious recipe, and gorgeous photos at!

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