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New brunch option in Downtown!

AUG 11, 2011

There have long since been a handful of fantastic brunch options in Downtown Raleigh, but now, our friends at NewRaleigh are bringing us good tidings of brunch news!  Brewmaster's, which opened in the old Joe's Place on Martin Street will be offering brunch starting this Sunday!

"On Sunday, August 14th Brewmaster's will begin serving a new brunch menu created by their newest Chef and General Manager, Brian O’Hara. Remember what we just said about the brunch at Tir Na Nog and Enoteca Vin? Yeah, O'Hara was in charge of brunch at both places in the past few years. O'Hara's brunch record makes Brewmaster's a prime target for some delicious Sunday dishes and just in time for the Fall football season. With local home-brewer Les Stewart running the beer selection and Mark Cook (owner of American Brewmaster's, the homebrewing shop off of N. Capital Blvd, the beer selection at Brewmaster's stays on tap and on season."

Read the rest, and see some photos at!

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