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New generation steps up to lead the Triangle

DEC 31, 2015

A new generation of community leaders is making its presence felt in the Triangle.

“There is an evolution taking place out there in leadership circles,” said Harvey Schmitt, who retired in 2015 after two decades as CEO of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce. “There are a lot of people in leadership roles who are at the retirement level.”

The changing of the guard reflects the changing area.

When you scrutinize the demographics in Wake County, said Raleigh councilwoman Mary-Ann Baldwin, “71 percent is Generation X, Y, Z – meaning people 45 and under, which is so unbelievable. So when you look at those demographic shifts, you know that you are going to see a younger population taking over.”

But the up-and-coming generations that grew up with multitasking tend to be selective about adding to their already extensive to-do lists, Baldwin said.

“A lot of them have started their own companies, so there is this conflict between being an entrepreneur and growing your company and then getting involved in the community – and finding the time and making the time to do that,” Baldwin said. “But when they get involved, they are 100 percent committed.”


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