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New restaurant life on Salisbury Street

AUG 14, 2011

We turn our attention once again to the 100 block of Salisbury Street, which though has struggled in the past to maintain businesses, seems to be picking up on the energy of the surrounding areas.  It seems we'll be seeing the opening of some new eateries in the near future! has the scoop!

"Coming soon to these available spaces on the 100 block will be Faces Lounge and 'Round Midnight Diner. In the past, very little has been done for the interior of these spots and neither space has been open for more than lunch (aside from the very brief time when Taste of India delivered at night). The new businesses will renovate the space and we are very hopeful that Faces Lounge and 'Round Midnight Diner will give life to this side of Downtown Raleigh at night as well."

Read the rest of the story and get more details at!

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