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Raleigh downtown proposal calls for new sports and entertainment center

DEC 27, 2015

Imagine driving up South Saunders Street and, as you close in on downtown Raleigh, being greeted by a shiny, new athletic stadium.

Imagine renting a bike from the city and riding it on a trail connecting downtown to the North Carolina Museum of Art, six miles away on Blue Ridge Road.

Downtown has no rivers or bodies of water of note. But what if you could live just one block from Glenwood South with a view of a creek?

There are no immediate plans to make an attraction of a long-hidden creek near Glenwood South, or to build a stadium or execute any of these ideas. But they’re among many the City Council would like to see come to fruition over the next 10 years.

City leaders enter 2016 with a wish list for downtown Raleigh, which is detailed in a vision plan that the City Council approved in September.


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