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Rental Registration Fees Changing

AUG 13, 2011

Remember when with city of Raleigh enacted that stiff law requiring owners of rental properties to not just register their properties, but to pay individually for each one owned?  Well, some recent changes at the level of goverment are changing the amounts of those fees which at times could reach absurd levels.  Raleigh Public Record has more details:

"Raleigh will also have to reduce the fees it requires for rental registration to comply with the new legislation. The old law charged property owners $30 for the first unit and $10 for each additional unit...Under the new law, properties with 20 or more units shall pay no more than $50 per year total;  properties with more than three but less than 20 units will be charged no more than $25 per year and properties with three or less units, the fee is limited to $15 per year."

Read the rest of the article at Raleigh Public Record.

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