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Thoughts and maps on Food Trucks in Downtown Raleigh

AUG 8, 2011

As the City continues its lengthy conversation on Food Trucks, Leo over at Raleigh Connoiseur is bringing us some great information and maps about this discussion.

"One of the restrictions that is being discussed is for the food trucks to be no less than 100 feet away from a restaurant’s front door. This restriction probably comes from a few restaurant owners, a list of them here, that are against food trucks in downtown Raleigh. While I don’t agree with some of the arguments made by these owners, I feel there is a way to compromise in order for us to finally have the food trucks up and running.

I’ve modified a map of downtown Raleigh in an attempt to visualize what the 100 foot rule may look like..."

See the map and read the whole story at!


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