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Touching Many Hearts for Veteran's Day

NOV 14, 2013

Bland Simpson is one of those people you’d resent if there weren’t so much about him to love. Well, maybe not resent, but certainly grumble a little over the fact that he seems to be supremely talented at everything he does. An author, a teacher of creative writing at UNC-Chapel Hill, a raconteur, a generous and fine human being and by the way, a keyboard player and singer with the famed Red Clay Ramblers, still going strong after decades, out of Chapel Hill.

For Veterans Day, Bland came up with a Facebook post that thus far has gotten about 60-some responses, and his post has prompted other posts, probably all over the country. The idea was simple, but brilliant: Just talk a little about family members who served America in the armed forces. No brag, just fact. Bland’s own post included about 10 family members, including his father (WWII), his grandfather (WWI) and uncles, along with members of his wife Ann’s family.

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