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Transportation Options from Downtown to Cameron Village - is the R Line next?

JUL 27, 2011

There is talk on-line and a peition circulating to bring the R-Line to Cameron Village.  Leo over at The Raleigh Connoisseur takes some time to discuss the existing options in transportaion.

“I saw this link on Twitter of a petition by some Raleigh residents that want the R-Line to be extended to Cameron Village….As of this writing, there are over 110 signatures, probably more since I’ve now helped spread the word by blogging about it.

The twitterverse was quick to point out the already running bus routes to Cameron Village, the #12 and #16, and how this is really not needed. I kind of agree with this thinking as having a transit network with redundant services competing for riders is a waste of money and just plain inefficient.

Take a look at the RaleighRides site and check #12 and #16 so you can see the route maps overlaid with each other. The coverage is perfectly adequate to get people from downtown Raleigh to Cameron Village. Here are the hours of each route.”

Read more and give your opinion at The Raleigh Connoisseur.

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