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Why YOU should be a part of Compost Now.

SEP 11, 2011

The Raleigh DLA has posted a great post about the beneifts of local and household composting for those of us without the space and, um, the desire, to compost things.  Around the world composting in apartments and condos is mandatory, and residents are required to dispose of it properly on their own.  But here in the Triangle, there is someone who wants to do it for you.

Need proof about how easy it is - watch the video on this site!

And then, sign up to be a part of it - you'll be amazed how easy it is!

"Downtown residents should take note of a new startup that's operating in the triangle and customers are already participating here in downtown Raleigh. As you are probably aware, the city and county take care of our trash and recyclables but currently do very little, if anything, in collecting our compostable materials. All of that organic matter can be put to use and after talking it over with Matt Rostetter, mastermind behind the Raleigh startup Compost Now, there is a big benefit to our neighborhood if all that organic trash was collected.

Compost Now is currently serving customers around Raleigh but Matt has a vision for bringing the service to a new level. To acheive his goals, new customers can join on the company's Ripple campaign site, where monetary pledges help Compost Now reach their goals and give you a discount on the service for helping back it. The link to the Ripple campaign is:

Compost Now Fundraiser via

The service is simple. For a monthly fee, residents would receive a bin to place all their compostable trash in and it is collected every week, replaced by a fresh bin. The advantage to this service compared to similar ones in other cities is that Compost Now will give you fresh soil in return."

Go.  Now.  And compost!

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