Property Management

Already own a place and now you want to rent it out?

Just as the Glenwood Agency works with renters to find them a great place to live, our specialized Property Management team works with you to find great renters. We recognize the importance of finding and maintaining great tenants who care about your property the way that you do, and our team is happy to walk you through the entire process from purchase, to agreements, tenant matching and screening, as well as handling the move-in and move-out procedures. Want more details? Check out some of our most popular questions below, and if you still aren’t sure – don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask!

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1) What makes the Glenwood Agency the best choice to manage my property?
With over 25 years combined experience focusing in Downtown and Inner Beltline properties, the Glenwood Agency has positioned itself as a go-to resource for people who want to be Downtown. A small, well connected team, the Glenwood Agency brings fluidity and simplicity to the management and rental processes – saving you a hefty headache. Plus, with so many years of experience you can rest easy knowing we’ve handled a wide variety of markets and economies and will offer you sound advice on how to price and market your property.

2) So what’s the next step?
Get in touch! Let’s start the process of figuring out your wants and needs from us, from your future tenants, and your property. And in the meanwhile, go ahead and look through the Property Management forms on the website so you that you’re familiar with them.

3) What fees are involved?
Typically we charge a fee of 2 months rent for marketing, staging, leasing, qualifying prospective tenants, as well as handling any of those pesky problems that may come up during your tenants lease term. Of course, if we secure all of this for less than a standard year term, we’ll work with you to adjust that rate.

Seem different than the other companies you’ve looked at? That’s because it is. The way we see it, you’d rather get a direct check by the first of every month directly from your tenant. If we take a percentage out every month, that’s extra days and cost to you before you can get your rent profit.

4) What if something breaks?
As an owner you can be involved as much or as little as you’d like in the management aspect. We understand that you’ve got a lot invested here and want to make sure it gets the best care, but also know how busy you are. Because of that, just let us know how you want management issues handled. We can get every repair approved by you, or we can just get the problem fixed and send you the invoice when it’s done. Most people choose to set a low dollar amount so we don’t pester you to get your approval for fixing minor things, but we can also make sure major issues like HVAC get your approval before we call the professionals in.

5) I still have more questions!
Grab the 'Contact Us' link on this page and let us know what they are. You will find that one of the best things about working with a small, local company is the personalized touch we can have on your situation. Nothing is set in stone, so let's find what works best for you.