Sales Services

At The Glenwood Agency, you will find a dedicated staff focused on assisting you in selling your unique development. We concentrate on every detail of the sales process, from assessing the local market and developing a campaign to reach your specific demographic to negotiating contracts and closing sales. Essentially, we act as your exclusive agent and provide services such as:

  • - Developing strategic in-house sales processes
  • - Developing a pre-sales strategy to activate construction financing
  • - Assisting in the selection of a pre-sales location and managing its design and development
  • - Managing special events targeted toward key sales agents and clients
  • - Working directly with the local media to gain coverage of landmark events
  • - Managing grand openings and additional promotional events
  • - Managing closings so they are quick and effortless

Discover how we can assist in driving your developments' success by contacting us today.