From strategic planning to creative communications solutions, The Glenwood Agency offers an array of services to help you meet your business objectives. It all begins with careful analysis of the market and a strong understanding of your objectives in order to develop a plan that will deliver positive results.

Offering extensive knowledge of the Downtown Raleigh market demographics and current real estate trends, The Glenwood Agency can save you time and money in marketing your development. We will evaluate the current market and develop a purchaser profile that will enable us to make key recommendations regarding the pricing schedule, amenities package and design criteria. We also consult with professionals who specialize in interior design, advertising, and media to optimize your impact on buyers.

The Glenwood Agency believes in a client-focused approach. With this philosophy, we carefully tailor each sales and marketing campaign to focus on the unique offerings of each property. Our staff of experienced professionals will develop and oversee all aspects of the sales and marketing process, from developing a pre-sales strategy and formulating a comprehensive promotional plan and budget to making sure closings are handled quickly and flawlessly.Discover how we can assist in driving your developments’ success by contacting us today.